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HEART OF THE HOME TOUR 2012 | preparations

CSL’s Heart of the Home Tour – Two Days in April, Over Two Hundred Ten Days to Get There

It takes months to find five + five perfect ingredients: Five drop dead gorgeous homes with five homeowners willing to throw open their doors to more than 1,500 guests for two days in April.

In the late summer of 2011, CSL Tour Co-Chairs Karlotta Des Jarlais and Denise Van Beek began their lengthy search to find properties with that “je ne sais quoi” appeal; they really didn’t know what they were looking for until it appeared before their very eyes. When you locate the homes with the right appeal coupled with the homeowners willing to throw their hats in the ring, it’s like the joy of discovering an oasis in a vast dry desert where you can finally quench your thirst.

When the tour homes are locked in, the workload increases geometrically, usually in late January or early February.  Whether there are threatening gray skies or bright sunshine with harsh shadows, a team of professional photographers, the CSL tour co-chairs, an art director, and a small cadre of CSL PR and marketing people block out two very long and full days for a photo shoot and interviews with the home owners. They pull together. They start to make things gel across a broad network of people committed to making a positive difference in our neighborhoods and the thousands of people who respond with enthusiasm, relishing the tour for what it is and does.

Two days—a few hours in each home–are all you have to identify and choose a dozen shots, positioning strategies, human interest angles and the unique stories behind the scenes that will make a big enough impression in pictures and words to capture the attention of the media who reach out to millions to convince a few thousand to have a heart and buy tour tickets to benefit thousands of disadvantaged children in our East Bay communities. In the end run, it’s not about the numbers or the math, but the depth and conviction of a dedicated team of driven volunteers who wear their hearts on their sleeves and are a catalyst to community betterment and the thousands of people who respond with enthusiasm, relishing the tour for what it is and does.

This year’s architectural photography captured by : Scott Hargis Photo

Foto Interior - HEART OF THE HOME…wow, this event I never heard before… after reading the post, I thinks it is a very nice event and I love the purpose of this activity, to help kids, I hope someday we can create an event like this in Indonesia…

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