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How CSL Funding Has Helped

The Children’s Support League has helped increase the reading skills of 2-3 grade students by supporting our Succeeding by Reading program. Succeeding by Reading helps struggling reading through our Excel Reading Clinics, school library support and Literacy Take-Home Book Bags. Currently we are serving 200 students who will receive 20 hours of one-on-one literacy tutoring. On average, 70% of students who attend the clinics over the school year will advance their reading skills by two or more grade levels by the end of the school year. We are also providing ongoing and special project assistance to 7 school libraries and circulating high quality books to 200 2nd graders to read at home with their families.

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Faith Network was founded in 2001 to help build healthy families by rallying community support for under-resourced urban public schools. We match these schools with community partners committed to serving them for the long haul. This linkage forms the basis of our Project Urban School Adoption. Our network, initially shaped by our affiliations with local faith-based organizations, has naturally and gradually been expanded to incorporate diverse, synergistic partners in the community.

We continue to grow in the number of schools and students served, scope of services provided and partnerships forged. Today, with the assistance of about 300 regular volunteers who work directly with students, 150 pop-up volunteers who lend a hand with short-term projects, and over 45 diverse community partners, we are serving 36 schools.

 Our Mission

Faith Network’s mission is to give hope to vulnerable children in East Bay Schools by surrounding them with a caring community, igniting their innate potential, and helping them develop academic and life skills crucial to their growth and fulfillment. The goal is to prepare today’s youth for a life of serving others and contributing positively to their communities.

 Our Programs

We provide an array of services to public schools in low-income neighborhoods but concentrate our efforts on four targeted programs. Succeeding by Reading helps improve the reading skills of 2nd & 3rd grade students through direct intervention with its Excel Reading Clinics and supports students through library services and parent engagement. Science Horizons gives low-income elementary and middle school students unique hands-on learning experiences in science, technology, engineering and math. Health4Kids distributes thousands of nutritious weekend food bags yearly to low-income children with limited access to food. CareerBridge helps close the opportunity gap by providing low-income students at West Oakland high schools with individual mentorship, life skills, academic enrichment and internship with stipend.



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