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How CSL Funding Has Helped

Thanks to the Support of Children’s Support League Alameda County CASA has been able to expand their work with adolescent youth and AB 12 youth commonly known as non-minor dependents. Thanks to the successful legislation of AB 12 foster care has been extended to age 21. Youth in dependency after their 18th birthday can voluntarily remain as a dependent in the system and receive services including getting a Court Appointed Special Advocate.

We have new created new marketing and outreach methodology to reach this population which at times can be hard to reach to not only give them the option to participate in the CASA program but also potentially be a part of our CASA Speaks program which is a program where former foster youth the majority who have had or have an Advocate speak to the community at various venues about their experience and what CASA has meant to them. In addition many of these youth also do outreach work on behalf of CASA and are able to receive stipends and gain work experience. With the support of CSL we have been able to offer more youth stipends, do more outreach and marketing and train more potential Advocates to speak on behalf of the best interests of youth in juvenile dependency our foster youth of Alameda County.

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In a sometimes bewildering sea of child welfare workers, attorneys, therapists and caregivers, the CASA volunteer is a consistent and caring adult and advocate for the child.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program is a nationally-based organization that provides one-on-one court advocacy to abused, neglected and abandoned children who are dependents of juvenile court.

CASA volunteers help meet the emotional and physical safety needs of thousands of abused and neglected children. Volunteers advocate on behalf of the children’s educational, mental health, medical/dental, and family/sibling visitation needs, and work to increase the likelihood that the children are placed in homes and with families in which they will thrive.

By simply listening, encouraging, guiding and speaking up for a child, CASA volunteers help these vulnerable children and teens to reach their full potential. Sometimes it is just allowing a child to feel cared about for the first time, and sometimes it is helping to find a loving, permanent home for a child. Clearly, the combination of consistent mentoring and advocacy for a child’s needs results in a much greater chance that these kids will achieve a bright, successful future. We currently have 100 children on our waitlist who are in need of an advocate. Make the choice to change a foster child’s life today!

Our Mission

Established in 1987, Alameda County Court Appointed Special Advocates Program, (CASA) promotes and supports quality volunteer advocates to speak for the best interests of abused and neglected children in the dependency court system.

Alameda County CASA is a member of the National CASA Association, and is one of more than 900 CASA programs nationwide. CASA is jointly overseen by the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, the CASA Executive Director, and the Presiding Juvenile Court Judge. The Friends of Alameda County CASA, Inc. is the 501 (c) 3 organization made up of local community members who support CASA by raising public awareness and funds to support CASAs work.

If you would like to learn more about CASA please visit our website  or contact John Anyosa, Volunteer recruiter/Marketer at (510) 618-1964 or

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